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Building Partners: MarKar Building Partners are subcontractors, material and service providers, title companies, lenders, advertising agents and real estate agents.

MarKar seeks out and uses reasonably priced subcontractors that operate in an honest and professional manner, that provide high quality materials and craftsmanship, and that are responsive to the end customers needs and requirements backing up their work with prompt and courteous service.

MarKar seeks out and uses reasonably priced material suppliers that are responsive to our quality and time requirements and who are responsive to our home buyers needs.

MarKar works to build long term relationships with all building partners. Through our relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and service providers we expect to build teamwork, loyalty, creativity, and pride in every job done and a consistently high quality product and pleasant building experience for our customers.

Building Partner Comments and Testimonials:

MarKar Custom Homes, LLC. has established a relationship with their subcontractors that is second to none within the construction industry. Through teamwork, professionalism and adherence to the highest qualitative standards, MarKar Design & Construction, Inc. has developed a home building process that enables them to achieve a finished product of the utmost excellence from start to finish. It is a pleasure doing business with someone that is knowledgeable of the fact that “quality surpasses adequacy over time!”

:: Ben Yore, Concrete

It has been a pleasure working with MarKar Custom Homes, LLC. for the past 10 years. We have fewer call backs with your home owners than any other contractor we have. I believe that’s because you don’t believe in cutting corners and the homeowner truly does matter the most. Trying to keep up the future, wiring smart homes, etc., has always been one of your and our goals. The people that buy your homes will still be glad they bought them 10 & 20 years form now!

:: Larry Szurgot, Electrical

Working with Marshall & Karla Williams for many years has been and continues to be a pleasure. I have seen first hand how dedicated they as a building team are to building quality homes. I’ve also seen their dedication to the relationships of their home buyers as well as their dedication to the relationships of their suppliers and subcontractors. Often in the home building industry, we hear of quality construction, unique design and affordable price. As a designer & builder, MarKar Design & Construction, Inc. offers these to their homebuyers in a way that is truly unique. Marshall & Karla’s experience in the industry combined with their honest “hands-on” approach and attention to design and detail make them a winning team that is here to stay!

:: Curtis Cosgrove – Building Materials Supplier

MarKar insists on the best quality for the dollar. Their designs are original and innovative. Karla & Marshall work well together as a team and handle the building process in an organized, professional manner putting the needs of the customer and the quality of workmanship & materials at the forefront of their priority list.
They research to try to find the best of the new ideas in the building industry and try to incorporate them into their homes in a cost effective way.

:: Bonnie Capell – Floor Covering

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