MarKar Custom Homes

Director of Construction ::  Marshall Williams                                 Director of Design :: Karla Williams 

MarKar Custom Homes



MarKar Custom Homes, LLC. is one of the premier, new home builders in the Treasure Valley. Customers seek us out because we have built a reputation on unparalleled integrity, building homes with lasting quality, innovative designs and flexibility in meeting the homeowners short and long term needs.


Provide home buyers in the Treasure Valley with well planned home designs and solid construction with long term durability and functionality.


  • Take a leadership role and be good stewards of our natural resources, both in the utilization of materials and in the quality and performance of the homes we build.

  • Meet the terms of our contracts.

  • Meet or exceed customer needs and requirements and respond to all customers with timely, helpful and cheerful service.

  • Delight our customers.

  • Establish professional working relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, selling agents and financial partners to be able to fulfill our customers needs & requirements.


The MarKar team has over 50 years combined experience in the building trades and business management. Marshall has worked in every phase of construction; he is a highly skilled craftsman and an excellent project manager. Every decision he makes is with the customers long term benefit in mind. Karla has a creative flair in the design of each home, always building in storage areas, good traffic flows and keeping the customers lifestyle in mind. Karla has decades of experience in business management, using this experience to ensure MarKar’s processes run smoothly.


Marshall inspects each site two to three times per day and spends a significant amount of time each day working closely with each material provider and subcontractor to ensure specifications and expectations are met.


Marshall and Karla each work very hard to keep the communication lines open between the entire building team keeping everyone informed on specifications, requirements, customer requests and changes. Each customer wants to be involved at different levels of the process so MarKar works closely with their customers to ensure they are informed with the levels of detail they need. There are several meetings to walk through the home during the building process with the home buyer to discuss progress, changes and concerns.


MarKar achieves consistent craftsmanship because they seek out the finest craftsman and materials then they build long term relationships with each of them. Because MarKar uses the same team on every home, the construction, workmanship and end product can be consistent from home to home. Also, if there is a problem that arises, the subcontractor that was involved is still around and is eager to resolve the issue.


Karla is a skilled designer and by using a CAD system she is able to work closely with her customers to quickly make modifications and changes as needed to meet the needs of customers. This reduces the long drawn out design process. There is also a team of engineers, architects and interior designers available to ensure full design services.


Karla is skilled in the coordination of color, paint, carpet, vinyl, cabinets, hardwood, stone, tile, granite, laminate, lights, etc. helping you to weave the tapestry of your new home. Additionally, there are interior design specialists available for your convenience.


MarKar provides a one year written warranty. In addition, appliances, equipment, and some materials provide warranties from one year to lifetime.


  • Long term functionality, durability and value for our customers

  • Good communications are critical in successful business.

  • Honesty and integrity are ingrained in all of our actions and dealings.

  • We are committed to our success and to the success of our partners

  • We do not prejudge anyone and provide all the same opportunity.

  • We treat each person with dignity and respect.

  • We believe in the Free Enterprise System.

  • We believe safety comes first on the job site

  • We value everyone on our team being Effective (do the right job) and Efficient (do the job right)

  • We believe that any job is worth doing right, there is always time to do it right, there is not always time to do it over!

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